UDS Setting Map and Book: The Gamers – Temple of Theron


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The UDS adventure setting, “Our Luminous Lady of Eternal Radiance Cathedral” comes from The Gamers setting, and is written by game designer, (and fabulous actor) Nathan Rice

Comes with the map and setting guide.

Map Booklet Excerpt:

Our Luminous Lady of Eternal Radiance Cathedral

Many ages ago, in the city of Signis, was the grandest Cathedral ever built on the sub-continent of Eulom in its time. This cathedral dedicated to the goddess Therin ranked as one of the Eight Wonders of the Middle World. The scale of Our Luminous Lady of Eternal Radiance Cathedral is truly staggering. The primary structure itself measures 220 meters across, built into the shape of the sunburst of Therin. That doesn’t count the the extended rays, the triangular, glass-sided greehouses that brached out from the walls of the cathedral, each of which was nearly 100 meters on its own. It stands as a testament to the grandeur, power, and wealth of the Therinic church, and the Grand Illuminated Holy Order of Therin (GIHOT) at the height of their power in Eulom.

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