Gaming with the Gamers! This page is for all the fun live events ZOE has streamed and/or performed live over the years that don’t have a home anywhere else. ZOE Game Night used to be a testing ground for RPG concepts. Little oneshots or short runs of various games and systems, run by people like Christian Doyle, James Durham, and Sharon Bebop. Whoever was free that evening would show up, and a good time was had by all.


These are one-shots and improv games featuring ZOE people from the stretch of time ZOE and Hyper worked in partnership on HyperRPG’s Twitch channel.

ZOE Gencon Shorts

Some live shows from GenCon that didn’t have another category. The Crawl is the brainchild of James Durham, and is a meatgrinder of a dungeon crawl set in the not-terribly-distant future. TripleCon features Christian Doyle, Maggie Doyle, Nathan Rice, Bryce Bebop, and a fun surprise guest for hilarious two-hour performance.


A five-episode short RPG run by Ethan Bujeaud, James Durham and Christian Doyle play a pair of couriers taking a very special package to a very strange place.

Crawl Royale

A short, three-episode competition to see who would emerge triumphant from a competitive dungeon crawl.

Random Assorted Oneshots

Streamed oneshots from Hollerween (done in conjunction with Pinnacle Entertainment Group) and other special and not so special events.

Highlights and Asides

If you enjoyed some RPG oneshots, why not check out one of ZOE’s other livestreamed shows like Masters of the Metaverse, Void Jumpers, or The Shattered Compass?