JourneyQuest Update

in this update:

  • Thank you!
  • JourneyQuest 4 is funded!!
  •  JouneyQuest Most Victorious Character 
  • Cooking with Carrow Episodes 1 & 2
  • JourneyQuest 1-3 Soundtrack download
  • More JourneyQuest Goodies to Follow

First of all, thank you for your continued support of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment! Your contributions keep ZOE running day to day. We use the funds from the Patreon to pay for pre- and post-production activities, create new merchandise, take risks with small projects, and the less glamorous but no less important stuff that keeps the business going (legal/contracting, bookkeeping, customer support, technology & software, etc.). Without our Patreon supporters, we simply wouldn’t be able to do most of the work we are doing today – so thank you, from the bottoms of our hearts!


Our Kickstarter for JourneyQuest Season 4 funded successfully! We raised $443,649 from 5,586 backers over the course of 45 days to keep the JourneyQuest story alive for another season. We are currently in pre-production scouting locations in the US and Canada. Production is slated for this fall for a release date in the second half of 2020.

What does this mean for our Patreon backers? 

As always, you will have access to any livestreams and behind the scenes content that is posted to The Fantasy Network from the JourneyQuest set. You will also have the first opportunity (with our Kickstarter backers) to see the film once it is released. 

We are currently working on the Backerkit store for the JQ4 Kickstarter and will make that available to our Patreon backers (with a discount code) as we have in the past. We also have some special digital JourneyQuest items for our Patreon backers below.


We hope you enjoyed the Most Victorious Character competition as much as we did during the course of the JourneyQuest Kickstarter campaign! A huge thanks to everyone who voted and participated in our riddle pillar competitions! If you have not yet heard, the team of Perf and Wren (affectionately nicknamed “Wrenley”) won the title, with the team of The Sword of Fighting and Glorion taking second place. Carrow placed third while Death took our fourth place slot. 


Through your Patreon support, we were able to green-light three episodes of Cooking with Carrow by the folks at Two Bards Productions in conjunction with the Gluttonous Geek.  If you have not yet seen Cooking with Carrow, take a peek at the first two episodes. Another episode is in the works and we’ll share that with you once complete.

Cooking with Carrow Episode 1: Rilk’s Wolfback Skewers 

Cooking with Carrow Episode 2: Conjure Milk Raspberry Scones 

And be sure to check out The Gluttonous Geek for these and other JourneyQuest-inspired recipes.


We just received one of the projects that our Patreon backers helped support – the beautifully remastered JourneyQuest 3 soundtrack from composer Steve Wolbrecht. We’re so excited about this new soundtrack that we wanted our Patreon supporters to be the first to receive a digital download of the full JourneyQuest Soundtrack Collection. This includes not only the new soundtrack for JourneyQuest 3 but also the soundtracks for both the 1st and 2nd seasons. We hope you enjoy this music as much as we do!


We’ll have even more JourneyQuest goodies for our Patreon backers to come, such as a digital download of the Wayne Reynolds Nara Poster (the same image that graces the cover our our soon to be released JourneyQuest world bible). Stay tuned for further updates in the coming weeks and months!


  1. Hello, and good health!

    I have been a fan since Journey Quest screened at TRIFI in Tri-Cities, WA. At one time I was able to download the theme song as a ringtone. My recent Samsung Galaxy update killed it. How can I get another copy of the file. I will buy the track, if needed.

    Thanks a million for all the entertainment you have given me!

  2. Greetings from one who is pining for a story. Please, please, please…. if you cannot give us video, give us BOOKS! We loves Books. We will cherish the books, Precious, and will buys us copies and copies for all of our friends too.

  3. Please guys, season 4 before I die 🙄

  4. Are there any updates on Journey Quest season 4?

    1. Lenny Rock

      So, they’ve finished rewrites on the script caused by the budget taking a hit with being delayed several times right as they were starting spin-up for making it. The delay has changed a lot of things, and so has the pandemic. Beyond that, I don’t know when filming will begin.

    2. Lenny Rock

      The last news I heard now is filming sometime in the next five months or so. Still don’t know any release times or anything like that

  5. It has become impossible to find the entire original 3-part Journey Quest to watch anywhere!?!! Amazon Prime used to offer it all but now only one season is available to buy, and that is by 1 ep at a time. The series used to be available on the Orpheus website. WHERE can we buy it all for one price? This has me wanting to watch the originals so badly! PLEASE give me the info to access watch, buy and watch or download or whatever eps 1-3 until we get part 4??? Please?? We are experiencing withdrawals!!!!

  6. Esteemed conent creators of awesomeness,

    My wife and I LOVE journeyquest.

    So we bought the seasons 1-2 on amazon.
    We bought th rights to watch it whenever we wanted..

    But for a year or so, we are prevented from watching what
    we own.

    Do you know what’s going on?

    “This video is currently unavailable
    September 26, 2010

    The complete first season of JourneyQuest is cut together for this special presentation, including all seven episodes.”

    1. Amazon has chosen to be obdurate about JourneyQuest, meaning they’re refusing to let people view it through their service. It is available in its cut-together form both on TFN and as a download through the ZOE Supporters tiers.

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