It’s here!

We are thrilled to bring you early access to The Gamers: The Shadow Menace!

You can watch at the following link using the password “shadowmenacewaffles”.



  • Where are the credits? We’re still working on them. Additional thanks are coming in and the Patreon credits need some more formatting. Kickstarter credits are complete. We’ll update the link with a version that includes credits as soon as they’re done.
  • Can I share this? No. This is exclusively for the Kickstarter and Patreon backers who helped fund the show. For now.
  • This isn’t exactly what I imagined in my head. It never is and that’s okay.
  • I’m offended by something. Art is supposed to challenge and offend and that’s okay.
  • OMG, when do we get to continue the story? We’ll let you know as soon as we do!

We’ll have much more to share when we return from Gen Con Indy.

For now, enjoy the show, let us know what you think in the comments, be good to one another, and thanks for your support. It took a lot of work to complete this show (and we were DEFINITELY affected by the JQ3 delays) and we’re so happy to reveal The Gamers: The Shadow Menace!

Everyone at DG & ZOE

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