ZOE Live!

Welcome to another week of ZOE Live programming! Every week the people of ZOE are bringing you live, original, FREE content that you can watch at home on their Twitch Channel! 

First up, on Saturday at 1pm PT it’s another episode of Death From Above: Legacy. The season finale of our Battletech Inspired RPG is June 8th but there is still time to jump in and join the story! 

Then it’s Metaverse time on Monday at 6pm PT! The Metapocalypse continues as the pilots race to save all their worlds from destruction at the hands of an ancient and god-like being. 

Thursday at 5:30pm PT it’s ZOE Game Night! This is a casual stream where various members of ZOE hang out and play games! Come by and see what they are playing this week! 

Catch all the shows LIVE on Twitch (http://twitch.tv/zombieorpheus) and see all of our past episodes on the ZOE Live YouTube channel (http://youtube.com/zoelive)

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