Zoe LIVE starts in 30 min!

Welcome to another week of ZOE livestreams! Every week ZOE is creating new and original content that you can watch for free on our Twitch channel! First up, on Saturday at 1pm PT it’s another episode of Death From Above: Legacy. This is our Battletech Inspired RPG with plenty of big stompy robots, action, drama, and dice rolls. We’re back with the Inner Sphere this week…who knows what will happen as Leo, Melia, and the others struggle to survive the invasion. 

On Monday at 6pm PT, it’s time for Masters Of The Metaverse! This is an original ZOE RPG, created by Christian Doyle and Chris Ode, that is somewhere between Sliders and Quantum Leap. Last week, we discovered that the Metaverse is threatened by an ancient reality bending being…and this week we find some of those who have been lost. 

Finally, on Thursday at 5:30pm PT, it’s ZOE Game Night! This is a gaming stream where various ZOE people show up to play a variety of games. Will we be returning to the Saltmarsh and DnD? Or something else entirely? 

Tune in to find out! http://twitch.tv/zombieorpheus

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