ZOE live: This week!

It’s a new week which means it’s time for more ZOE original LIVE content! 

This Saturday at 1pm PT we rejoin the Jade Falcons for another episode of Death From Above: Legacy, our Battletech Inspired RPG! 

Then on Monday at 6pm PT we return to Masters Of The Metaverse as the Metapocalypse continues! Having recovered Butch, how will the team decide to proceed in their fight against Kronos? Keep an eye out for our polls this weekend so that you not only get a chance to impact the show but a first glimpse at the cast for the week as well! 

Then on Thursday at 5:30pm PT it’s another episode of ZOE Game Night! Last week was DnD 5e with the Sinister Secret Of Saltmarsh! Any guesses on what we will be playing this week? 

Come  by this week and see the sort of original content that ZOE is making LIVE every week that you get to watch for FREE! http://twitch.tv/zombieorpheus

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