Production Update

First, a huge

thank you to all of you from our JourneyQuest Season Three cast and crew

, pictured above! It was an honor to have your support for this season and we think you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Tomorrow we’re shooting the rest of the Magellan episode of The Gamers: The Series. If you’re following us on Hang With ($10+ Patrons), be sure to have the app set up for notifications so you can join our livestream from set.

Strowlers continues the editing process. We’re getting close to having a special preview for all of you. Our 45 minute pilot is improving by the day!

Hat Trick Pony returns to their regular second Sunday performance schedule in May. If you’re local to Seattle/Tacoma we’d love to see you at a show. Also, thanks to several fans with smart phones, we were able to record April’s Gamers Live performance for you. We’re still collecting all the footage, but look forward to sharing that exclusive video with our Patreon audience!

Do you live near Seattle/Tacoma? Do you LARP? Have experience with boffers? We need extras for our upcoming Rogar shoot. Send us a message at if you’re interested and can stay active for a six-hour shoot.

Who remembers D&D 1st Edition? Have favorite magic items, skills, or quirks from that system? Send us an email today with your thoughts and we’ll integrate the best ones into Magellan’s character sheet!

$50 and up patrons: let’s get another livestream scheduled. Could you send us a message with your availability? Nobody was able to attend the last session and we want to make sure that we schedule these at better times.

$100 patrons: you’ve been with us for a year, which means it’s time to record some special videos for you! We’ll be reaching out to your inboxes individually to get these videos planned.

Thanks, everyone! It’s an exciting time here at ZOE and DG and we’re thrilled to share it with you. Your support makes what we do possible!

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