ZOE Original Series – Sneak Peek

Here’s a first peek at the new animation that we’re introducing for our upcoming shows. We have the strongest slate of series in ZOE’s history this year, thanks in huge part to your support, and such a slate deserves a kick-ass opener.

If you’re new to our Patreon, here’s what you can look forward to this year:

JourneyQuest: Season Three

• Strowlers: Pilot and Strowlers: Ireland

• Attacking the Darkness

• The Gamers: Season 0 and The Gamers: Season One

As of yesterday, we have a rough cut of “Magellan”. At 8:16 it’s one of our longer and more complex preview episodes, but we’re thrilled to let you know that it’s going to work. If you were a wizard suddenly cast into a world that doesn’t believe in magic, how would you hide your talents? And what harm might you inadvertently do?

AND, if you missed the announcement on Facebook, take a look at who is joining our Gamers cast as The Professor! We’re thrilled to bring Russell Hodgkinson (Z-Nation) on board, which is possible entirely because your support funded these episodes. Thank you!

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