Patreon Update

Wow, we’re done shooting JQ3! Luckily, there’s plenty of other projects to keep us busy. For our Patreon backers, we’re currently working on:

• “Magellan’s Story”, which has one more shooting day, on April 19th.

• “Rogar’s Story”, which shoots in May

• “The Incident”, which is almost locked

•  March’s HTP show (edit delayed due to JQ3)

•  An informal video of “The Gamers Live” from April’s ECCC performance

This has been one of those months where your support makes a huge difference. Thanks to this Patreon we were able to dedicate more personnel to JQ3, which especially made all of the behind-the-scenes video possible. We’ll be sharing some exclusives from that shoot with you over the next few months!

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