New & Improved: Live Improv Returns

Hey, backers! We’re excited to bring you a big leap in technical quality for the monthly Hat Trick Pony live comedy improv show. Check it out above or at this link:

We’ve also embedded and attached a still from “The Incident”, episode 2 of Gamers the Series. This episode has taken us a bit longer to finish, thanks to taking place in two different worlds, shooting in a real-life dungeon, and fitting all of that into footage from three previous Gamers films, but we’re getting closer!

Tomorrow we head down to an old prison in a small town east of Puyallup to shoot episode 3 of GTS, “Nimble’s Story”. In theory this location will actually have internet access, which means we’ll be able to livestream from Hang With for backers with that access.

And of course, all of this continues in the midst of the JourneyQuest Season Three Kickstarter campaign. Thanks for your patience as we do ALL THE THINGS this month.


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