Sneak Peek – “Nimble’s Story”

Did we mention that January was a non-stop month? We shot two new Gamers sketches and wanted to share this still from Saturday’s shoot. It shouldn’t be a spoiler that Nimble might have had some trouble adjusting to life in our world, but this episode still has a few surprises in store.

After shooting this one and seeing how well it dovetails into “Newmoon’s Story”, we’re now planning on holding “The Incident” for the public until we’ve completed Nimble, Magellan, and Rogar’s episodes. All of you, however, will receive “The Incident” as soon as it’s complete. 

We’ll also be sending out a rough cut of “The Incident” to our $25 and higher backers soon so we can get your notes. It’s so heavy on Gamers mythology—we’re using clips from The Gamers, Dorkness Rising, AND Hands of Fate to tell that story—that we’re going to want your input on finding the right balance of old and new material. Turns out that answering story questions that have lingered for more than a decade takes a very careful touch!

New Podcast Interview

Last week Don Early, Christian Doyle, and Ben Dobyns sat down with Anton Strout from The Once & Future Podcast to discuss JourneyQuest Season Three. We also covered a ton of DG and ZOE history, Gamers the Series, and more. If you’re a podcast kind of person, check it out!

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