January Update: JQ3, Gamers, Improv

Hey, backers!

Thanks for the phenomenal response to last month’s Gamers sketch. We were energized by how much you loved it and are shooting two new Gamers sketches this month: one tomorrow and one on the 30th.

Tomorrow’s sketch will feature Mark the Red and The Shadow and will finally tell the story of The Incident. We’re shooting out at an original Gamers location and it promises to be cold, rainy, and tons of fun. If cell reception is available, we’ll do a livestream from set for everyone who’s following us on Hang With (instructions here).

Then, on Monday we launch the JourneyQuest Season Three Kickstarter. We’ve been working hard to build an awesome campaign and are excited to give all of you a sneak peek. If you find errors or have input, you can add it straight into the feedback form at the top of that page. The campaign will launch around 9 AM Pacific Standard Time on January 18th.

Now, as a Patreon supporter, you’re already helping JourneyQuest, so we have some special rewards just for all of you as well, regardless of whether or not you pledge for that Kickstarter.

  • First, we will do regular livestreams from the JQ3 set to Hang With, just for our relevant Patreon backer levels. This will be your opportunity to interact directly with the cast and crew as the shoot is happening.
  • Second, all Patreon backers will receive special access to our JQ3 BackerKit store after the campaign succeeds, where you can get backer-only access to available JQ3 merch (DVDs, Blurays, etc).
  • Third, all $10 and higher Patreon backers will receive Patreon-only discounts on certain merch in the BackerKit store. (This depends on sorting out the tech with BackerKit, but we’ve been talking with them about this for months and they sound confident that we can make it work.)

Finally, Hat Trick Pony Improv had a great January show and the edited improv video will be ready for all of you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience while we get the new format sorted out.

Oh, and we should be launching JourneyQuest on a popular gaming and streaming platform next week… more details when that goes live!



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