New GAMERS Cast Member Revealed…

Hey, everyone! Dead Gentlemen and ZOE are thrilled to introduce our newest cast member for The Gamers: The Series… Russell Hodgkinson!

The mysterious Professor saved the original character sheets and campaign notes from the first Gamers film for fifteen years and now he’s ready to bring them out of the archives for a new adventure. His first appearance will be in the upcoming “Magellan” episode of our Season 0.

Russell first worked with Ben Dobyns on the sets of Zombies of Mass Destruction  and Zoo. He has appeared in Grimm, Leverage, Eden, The Off Hours, and many other television shows, movies, and live theatrical productions. He currently plays Doc for the hit SyFy series Z-Nation, currently shooting its third season in Spokane, Washington.

We’re announcing this to all of you, but would like to keep Russell’s appearance a surprise for the public for when the next episode goes live. Now that we’re finished shooting “Magellan” the editing is moving ahead quickly. Thanks for your support!

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