How To Jump Into Masters Of The Metaverse


You’ve probably heard by now about ZOE’s original livestream RPG which airs every Monday night at 6PM PT on Twitch. Maybe you’ve wanted to dive in and start experiencing the story, but you don’t know how to start. Perhaps you’ve tried it once and weren’t sure if it’s for you, but you want to give it another try. Or maybe you fell behind on past episodes and don’t know how to catch up. You’re in luck – there are several easy ways to get caught up on MASTERS OF THE METAVERSE and start experiencing the show:

TWITCH: MASTERS OF THE METAVERSE airs LIVE every Monday night at 6pm PT on and all past livestreams are available as VODs for easy viewing. Plus if you join the chat room during a live broadcast there are plenty of other helpful ZOE fans who are more than willing to answer any questions you might have!

YOUTUBE: The ZOE Live YouTube channel is home to all past livestream content, which includes all past seasons of MMASTERS OF THE METAVERSE. That’s right, Seasons 1-3 as well as PROJECT: METAVERSE are loaded and waiting for you to binge watch!

CRASH COURSE: Head over to the ZOE wiki and check out the MASTERS OF THE METAVERSE Crash Course section. With complete season summaries, and a list of ten essential episodes with YouTube links, this is the perfect way to get a quick introduction into the world of Masters Of The Metaverse! And once you’ve wet your feet with the Crash Course, check out the rest of the wiki for lots more information!

Hopefully these options will inspire and aid you in your quest to explore the Metaverse! Be sure to stop by on Monday night at 6PM PT over on the ZOE Twitch channel! We would love to see you there!

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