Masters of The Metaverse Recap

It’s Monday – which means it’s Metaverse day! Join us tonight at 6PM PT for the latest episode of our original RPG livestream, MASTERS OF THE METAVERSE, exclusively on!

If you’ve never seen the show – don’t worry! This is the perfect time to jump in and experience the ZOE storytelling you’ve come to know and love. And if you’re hankering for more backstory, check out the ZOE Wiki and the Masters Of The Metaverse section for a complete crash course in all things Metaverse related. After the show, come by the ZOE Discord to chat, ask questions, and hang out with other ZOE fans.


Last week, we found ourselves in Sentinel city with Butch Baker, Bombshell 3.0, and Hex Destiny – but this time, the avatars are without their pilots. It’s been a year since the final showdown with Dr. Migraine: Butch has married Molly, Hex and Bombshell have new jobs, and everyone has moved on – well, not everyone. Still obsessed with finding out the truth behind the dome, Butch continues to question the truth of his reality. He’s also talking in his sleep, leading Molly to ask him who Abigail is…but he can’t remember. The same night, Hex declares she believes Butch (and his assertion that things are not as they seem) during a party celebrating the return of The Next American Sentinel. She is immediately shot. The team scrambles to find the assailant, who is revealed to be none other then Griefer. Things are getting stranger, and with reality winking in an out every once in a while, the group heads to the hospital to visit Riptide, who has chosen today to finally wake up from his coma. Riptide provides no insight and the team notices more strange things as they travel back home. They are then set upon by Woo Girls, as well as Naked Mole Rats. During this encounter, the system resets and they finally catch a glimpse of their reality: they are captives of Dr. Migraine and Riptide, kept asleep in a world that doesn’t exist. In a desperate attempt to wake up, Butch allows himself to be shocked by HAL. His body spasms and falls to the ground in the real world, as Bombshell 3.0 opens her eyes.

What will happen this week – will we be back in The Arena with our metapilots, or will we return to Sentinel City to continue the search for the truth?


We have some amazing artwork inspired by this week’s episode from Hellcat, and some original fan fiction from Paxamo!

Hex Titan Bombshell Party - Hellcat

MASTERS OF THE METAVERSE is an RPG set in a world completely designed and created by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment. In it, players control two characters: a pilot and an avatar. Each one gives the players different skills and abilities – but the catch is they can only access one at a time. The setting is unique and changes with each story arc. So far, we’ve visited a city of superheroes, an old west setting with zombies, magical space princesses, an alien invasion, and even spent some time in the world of Fartherall.

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