JourneyQuest: Season 1 – DVD


DVD – JourneyQuest Season 1

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A tale of severely reluctant heroism from the creators of The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.

“JourneyQuest” chronicles the adventures of Perf, an inept wizard forced into an epic quest to retrieve a foul-mouthed sword of prophecy.

Perf (Christian Doyle), a wizard of questionable competence, has had enough of this quest. He only wants two things: to win the heart of the elfmaid Nara (Anne Kennedy), and to go home. He can’t do the latter until his party finds and destroys an ancient, evil artifact—the legendary Sword of Fighting—and he can’t do the former because Nara hates him. Despite his attempts to flee, Perf can’t shake his love for Nara, a band of revenge-seeking Orcs, or the Sword of Fighting, which has plans of its own for Perf. His quest isn’t ending anytime soon. Onward!

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