Hunter’s Guide: A Comedy of Terrors Supplement (PDF Download)


Is your DM upping their game? Now up yours! The Hunter’s Guide is your essential quick reference training manual. For use with Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors.

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The Hunter’s Guide includes:

  • Tips for character creation, answering questions like “No, really, how the hell do I come up with Aspects?”
  • The Random Concept Aspect generator, for those who prefer to let the dice decide who their character will be
  • A deep dive on Stunt creation and making your hunters as badass as possible
  • More information than you require about The Brotherhood Warehouse and the Cipher program
  • 7 pregenerated, ready to play Demon Hunters teams!

Written by Don Early, Jimmy McMichael & Cam Banks. Game System Designed by Cam Banks & Amanda Valentine. Based on the Characters and Setting by Matt Vancil. Dead Gentlemen Productions Publishing, 126 pages.