3 New Patreon Videos: Gamers Live & The Shadow Menace

Hi, everyone!

We’ve added three new videos to the Patreon-exclusive ZOE Premium video library:

  • The Gamers: The Shadow Menace
  • The Gamers Live: Revenge of the Vampire King
  • The Gamers Live: Mutants from Beyond Planet X

As we continue to improve our user experience, we’ve heard that some of you are having problems accessing premium content. While we work on improving that flow, here’s a quick guide for how to access everything:

1) Go to www.zombieorpheus.com 

2) Click the big orange “Premium Sign In” button in the upper right

3) This button takes you back to a secure page on Patreon.com

     3a) If you are NOT signed into your Patreon account, do so now. These are your Patreon credentials on the Patreon sign-in page.

     3b) Once you ARE signed into Patreon you will see a big orange button that says “ALLOW”. This will use your Patreon credentials (via the secure OAuth protocol) to grant you access to the ZOE Premium web page.

4) Patreon will return you to www.zombieorpheus.com, where you will see a new “ZOE Premium” menu.

5) Select your destination from that new menu:

  • “Video” will take you to our premium streaming library.
  • “Nodwick” will take you to the ongoing Nodwick strip, featuring his adventures with The Shadow and a mysterious girl named Princess.
  • “Forums Login” will log you into the ZOE forums with full access
  • “Wiki Login” will log into into the ZOE wiki with write access

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