Watch JourneyQuest 3.5 First (plus a sneak peek at our new poster)

Thanks to your support, JourneyQuest Season 3.5 is complete!

We’re thrilled to share scenes and story arcs with you that we couldn’t have fit into the JQ4 and JQ5 shoots. Now that they’re done we can’t wait to get started on JourneyQuest Season 4. (Here’s a sneak peak at the new campaign image!)

Meanwhile, Matt Vancil is hard at work on the expanded, stretch-goals-included deluxe Fartherall World Bible. The many extra words require extra time, but we’re still aiming for completion and release before Gen Con.

“So how is this going to work?” you ask.

  • You can access the new cut via this link
  • The password is “orcishvocative”
  • You and our Kickstarter backers have exclusive early access
  • The show will be available in a few days on The Fantasy Network
  • We will NOT release 3.5 on Amazon Prime or YouTube, since these scenes are primarily for our core supporters and will be cut into Seasons 4 and 5
  • We begin the countdown for the JQ4 funding campaign…

Enjoy and thank you for making this possible! Your support kept Matt Vancil employed for the many months it took to write Seasons 4 & 5. JourneyQuest would not exist without you!

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