VIDEO: ZOECON State of the Union & March News Update

In this video: Don and Ben share the latest ZOE and DG news from ZOECON 2018! 

Stay tuned today and Monday for additional Patreon updates:

  • JQ3 Commentary with Matt Vancil, Christian Doyle, and Tony Becerra, Live from ZOECON
  • Masters of the Metaverse Live from ZOECON
  • Two new Demon Hunters: SOL episodes
  • Two new Nodwick strips

(Yeah, it’s been a little hectic around here, so you get all the March content at once.)

Also, we have some exciting news to share!

We’ve signed the paperwork for a new studio space for livestreaming and take occupancy on Monday. This means we should be back to weekly broadcasts by mid-April!

Of course, that’s not all we have coming up this month.

Ben is traveling to New Zealand for a couple days to visit the set of AFK Season Two, where he’ll do some behind-the-scenes interviews and build connections for the release of the show later this year on The Fantasy Network. If all goes well he’ll also be in Alberta the following week to visit the production of One Hit Die Season Three!

If you’re around Vancouver BC, you can catch screenings of The Gamers: The Shadow Menace, JQ3, and Strowlers at the Vancouver Web Fest, where our shows are nominated for ten awards, including Best Directing, Best Fantasy, Best Pilot (twice!), Best Screenplay, and Best VFX (four times). Best of all, however, is that admission to the screenings is free. Check it out! (Or grab a pass to the entire weekend and also catch Ben on the Kickstarter Funding and Future of Indie Distribution panels.)

We have a complete screenplay for JQ4, which means we’re one step closer to production. Next step there is to revise the budget. We’re currently getting quotes for production in Seattle, Utah, England, and Bulgaria, which no idea where we’ll ultimately end up. Matt is now working on the screenplay for JQ5, which will complete the series.

Strowlers screenplays are coming along well. Strowlers Seattle Episode 2 has a new draft and is very close, we’re on a second draft for Strowlers Australia, and Episode 2 of Strowlers Mongolia now has a draft story line.

Fulfillment is also back on track across the board. We’re in the middle of shipping product to Ship Naked for Shadow Menace and Dead.Market. Demon Hunters SOL will follow as soon as the DVDs are authored.

The Fantasy Network, our new video streaming service, is inches away from full public release, with automated login via Patreon. If you just can’t wait, shoot an email over to and we’ll give you early access! We have ZOE, DG, Arrowstorm, The Forge, Standard Action, Walking in Circles, and so many more shows coming online as indie fantasy producers from around the world join up. Once TFN is up and running we’ll get to start launching the other components for our Shared Cinematic Universes platform. Development this ambitious is a pain to execute, but the end result will let us spend more time getting content to you faster.

Have questions or comments? We can’t wait to hear them!

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