February Update

Hi everyone!

We’re back from ZOEcon and we have all of the news for you.


First, ZOEcon 2018 was a huge success. We hung out with fans from around the world, premiered loads of new projects, and ran workshops, games, and panels all weekend long.

We also recorded most of the festivities to share with you! As we receive these recordings from our editors we’ll be sharing:

  • Gamers Live
  • Masters of the Mevaverse Live
  • Live JQ3 Commentary with Matt, Christian, and Tony
  • Telling Your Stories in the Strowlers Universe
  • Telling Your Stories in the Demon Hunters Universe
  • JQ4 Cast Script Reading (episodes 1-5)
  • And a few more surprises!

These videos will be available on…

Our New Video Platform

The time is almost upon us! The moment “login with Patreon” is ready we’ll be giving you access to a completely new video experience, available on your browser, iOS, Android, Roku, X Box, Amazon Fire, and more.

Yes, this is the upcoming launch of The Fantasy Network and you all will get first access!

Content includes not only our entire catalog and exclusive access to our newest shows, but the best of the independent fantasy world, including Mythica, The Rangers, Walking in Circles, AFK, Standard Action, and so much more.

IF YOU WANT TO BETA-TEST, please send an email to support@zombieorpheus.com. We can add a small number of early adopters manually!


We’re dropping two new The Gamers: Nodwick’s Story strips at www.zombieorpheus.com this morning. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to catch up, there’s enough story now to spend a pleasurable time binge-reading. As always, this is a Patreon exclusive.

We’re also in development on a new JourneyQuest strip that explores how the party first got together!


Issue Number 1 of the Countermay comic book is on its way from the printers. The print edition will be available to our Patreon supporters at a 50% discount off the retail price in our online store shortly!


In addition to the ZOECon recordings, we also released the Strowlers pilot to you in our last update. A shared cinematic universe that we’ve been working on for ten years, you get access six months early! Definitely scroll back and catch that pilot if you missed it.

Coming soon from us to you:

  • Strowlers Ireland
  • Demon Hunters: S.O.L.
  • Strowlers Mongolia


We’re at Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. Not only do we have a booth, but we’re performing Gamers Live for a very special audience: the show will livestream to SYFY WIRE!

This is a huge opportunity to reach new audiences and increase our visibility. We hope you’ll join us in person or online for the event!


We now own our own livestreaming gear! We’re also finalizing plans for new studio space. What does this mean?

First, we’ll be returning shortly to producing weekly broadcasts of Metaverse and DFA on HyperRPG.

Second, we can start producing many of the new live shows that we’ve dreamed of for years!

Shows in the livestream pipeline include:

  • Fan Theory Court
  • Demon Hunters Adventures
  • Strowlers Adventures
  • The Chibichan Happy Orange Happy Hour
  • And hopefully, the triumphant return of Rude Mechanical!
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