The Incident: Backer Preview + Backer Update

Hi, everyone! At long last, THE INCIDENT is done.

We’ve uploaded just the story so we could get it to you as quickly as possible, then will complete the credits and some final fixes done over the next week for the release to Gamers backers. This is a Patreon/Kickstarter exclusive!


Nodwick #2 is done and coming next Tuesday.

The final Hat Trick Pony under the current format is this Sunday and we’re recording it for you. Stay tuned for an announcement that involves comedy improv, live roleplaying, interactivity, and Twitch. It’s exciting stuff coming soon, with an awesome partner!

We’re also editing The Gamers Live: In Space for you. Should be done in a week or two. That will be a free download for all Patreon backers.

Have you filled out your BackerKit survey yet? This is how we’re fulfilling a whole set of rewards for our Patreon backers, so be sure to look in the “$0” survey for free downloads, a 2016 Patreon patch, and (if you’re paying $10 a month or more), 50% discounts on a ton of DVDs and other merch.

Gamers the Series is looking like a mid-October shoot. We’ve locked about half of our locations and the others will follow shortly. We’re on draft five of the script and are now just fine-tuning, increasing joke density, and polishing. The Patreon production fund will be supporting this show for the next few months. Your support means an extra day of production, a bigger crew, a better art budget, and higher overall quality.

JQ3  is locked and off to VFX, music, and audio. Still on schedule there.

Strowlers should lock in the next week and will head to music, audio, and VFX as quickly as possible.

As soon as that lock is done we’ll get to work on post for Strowlers Ireland, which we’ll release in two or three pieces to all of you as Patreon content while shooting new Gamers.

Attacking the Darkness has been submitted to iTunes and Netflix, so now we wait. While we wait, Dead Gentlemen’s Demon Hunters RPG team is hard at work on the Attack the Darkness adventure module. It’s freaking hilarious already.

Also, we’re working on a secret thing with famous fantasy authors [redacted] and [redacted]. It’s all about [redacted] and will add a whole new layer of awesomeness to The Gamers.

Apparently we’re really busy, thanks to your support!

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