Patreon Rewards Survey

Hey, everyone!

If you were a Patreon backer when we completed JQ3, you’ll soon receive an email with a detailed survey and a number of exclusives, just for you.

These include: free digital downloads of multiple Gamers Live shows, free digital downloads of the sketch comedy and Gamers Season 0 episodes you funded, and a free (plus shipping) Patreon 2016 backer patch. Plus, backers who pledged $10 or more per month will receive 50% discounts on many of our other DVDs and downloads.

This is the first time BackerKit has done a Patreon/Kickstarter integration like this, so there may be a few bugs. If you encounter one, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we’ll work with BackerKit to get it resolved.

If this works well we’ll include all of you in upcoming BackerKit surveys as well, with more Patreon-only freebies and discounts.

Thanks for your support! The surveys should begin to arrive later this week.

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