The Gamers: Nodwick’s Tale #1 (Backer Exclusive!)

Hey, everyone!

We’re thrilled to bring you a new monthly bonus for being Patreon backers… Aaron Williams returns with a new Nodwick strip, featuring the adventures of Nodwick following the events of Dorkness Rising.

This strip is an exclusive for you, for Aaron’s patrons, and for our Gamers Kickstarter backers. We have a great story planned!


We’ve had a hard drive crash, which slowed us down a bit, but now have plenty of new backup storage ready to prevent this from happening again (this year).

The moment the data backup is finished we’ll be finishing up the following releases for you:

  •  “The Incident”, the final bonus episode of The Gamers: Season 0. (Steve is working on the music right now.)
  •  “The Gamers Live: Return to the Temple of All Dooms”, our Gen Con 2016 show. This will be a DRM-free download for Patreon backers. We were able to record the show entirely thanks to your support.
  •  “The Gamers Live: In Space!”, our new Gen Con 2016 show and another DRM-free download for Patreon backers.
  •  “Strowlers: Ireland”, the experimental short we produced this summer to test micro-crews on location in amazing places.
  •  Production begins on The Gamers: The Shadow Menace. Our September and October production budget from the Patreon is earmarked toward this 45-minute new episode.
  •  Monthly releases of The Gamers: Nodwick’s Tale
  •  We’re reconfiguring Hat Trick Pony to make it more accessible to the internet audience. Big news coming there! 
  •  And of course, JourneyQuest Season Three!

Thanks for your support!

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