Strowlers Day 2

Hey, Backers and Fans!

It’s Sunday and we’ve completed two days of shooting on our STROWLERS pilot. Tonight we’ll be shooting until about 5 AM, outside by the water, so here’s hoping for no rain and pleasant temperatures.

If you’re a backer and you haven’t yet followed us on Hang With (www.hangwith), be sure to read our preceeding Patreon post about how to do so. We’ll be live-streaming with some familiar faces tonight and there may even be an impromptu concert. (That’s right, between Strowlers and Live Improv, we may have two simultaneous streams going tonight!) Live broadcasts will happen several times throughout the night, which may allow some of our non-U.S. fans to participate as they happen.

Yesterday was our first day on set with several new cast members, including Zaya, a phenomenal ten-year-old actor who is making her film debut as a girl who has begun to manifest an unusual magical talent, and Tanesha, who is making her first appearance in a ZOE show! You can catch their introductions on Saturday’s Hang With broadcasts.

Tonight is also exciting because we’re welcoming ZOE superfan Koli to set, where he’ll be joining us as a featured extra around a campfire that’s surrounded by unusual characters. It’s always a pleasure when we can find ways to bring in members of the ZOE fan community to participate in shoots. Tomorrow we’ll also be welcoming Holly and Corrie as featured extras for the makerspace shoot.


We are less than one-hundred signups away from achieving our goal for the RenewJQ campaign! With almost 4200 people ready to pledge to bring Season Three to life, we are thrilled to begin preparations for January’s Kickstarter campaign. Once the Strowlers shoot is complete, we’ll set up a countdown clock on the site!

Hat Trick Pony performs tonight at 7 PM. Backers with live-stream access, don’t forget to log in, enjoy the show, and send in your suggestions.

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