Strowlers Day 1

Hey, backers and fans!

We’re on set right now for day one of our Strowlers pilot shoot, on the top floor of the highest building in Seattle. If you’re pledging $10 or more a month, don’t forget to join us on Hang With as we broadcast live from the set throughout the day. (The first video diary is already up on Hang With, which you can find from within your account there if you followed the instructions in the Hang With post that we made here last week.)

We’re also excited to introduce our first cast member for the new show, Trin Miller! She’s playing a magic user named Amanda and we’ll post some pictures of her costume and collar later. Today’s scenes involve her presentation before a hostile board of review, made up entirely of government-licensed magic users.

Also stay tuned later as we reveal our three arcanologists, including a favorite and familiar face from Dorkness Rising. (We just need to get the set dressed and lit, plus finish up some complicated prosthetics.)

A huge congratulations to the Strowlers story team, which was been working for the last eighteen months to bring our newest world to life.


Hat Trick Pony performs this Sunday evening, with a livestream for Patreon backers. If you’re around Seattle or Tacoma with nothing to do, you can go enjoy the show in person!

Our latest comedy sketch, Pantheist Cleric, is currently in post-production. Featuring Don Early, Steve Wolbrecht, Chris Ode, Dominique Thomas, and Chris Duppenthaler around a game table, it’s currently running at a long ten minutes. We’ll have it out for backers soon, then dive straight into post on My RPG Real Life. is only a few people away from the 4200 goal! That Kickstarter is scheduled for January 18th, so mark your calendars!

Dead Gentlemen Productions will have news soon for two new Gamers series. And as soon as the Strowlers pilot is shot we’ll be sitting down with them to get Gamers: The Series off the ground!

If you’re a Patreon backer, don’t forget to redeem your download of Gamers Live: Curse of the Blind Swordsman.

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