Strowlers: Copenhagen – Sneak Peek

In March, Zombie Orpheus brought a team of eight filmmakers to the Nørrebro neighborhood of Copenhagen. With our lead Danish cast members (Afshin Firouzi, Monica Hjort Traxl) and our Danish story team (Silas Mortensen, Edin Janković Šumar), we collaboratively crafted a story about magic, music, connection, and the immigrant experience. Under the direction of Nicole Pouchet, we shot over five days in stunning locations ranging from an anarchist youth house to a nature reserve to the colorfully graffitied streets of Copenhagen. Here’s a sneak peek of the story we created.

Please do not share or distribute this link – while we have completed the edit, color correction and score; the film still is missing a final sound mix, special effects and opening/closing credits and is not a final version.

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