Rogar’s episode is in the can!

Despite a downpour, a sick cast member, and three separate locations, on Saturday we completed principal photography for Rogar’s episode of The Gamers!

This means that we now move into post-production to complete Season 0 of our first Patreon-funded show. Magellan’s episode is off to sound and music, we’re working on a rough cut of Rogar, and The Incident is very close to picture lock.

While we had initially hoped to start production on these episodes at $10,000/mo, we all wanted to get started as soon as possible and have scraped together enough to complete these first five episodes. With Newmoon and Nimble already released to you, these final three should now move quickly.

For Patreon-funded production, next month we will return to sketch comedy, hopefully with some campaign ads from this year’s contentious Archmage election. Then in July we’ll be shooting either a two-part Strowlers short film or some new Demon Hunters, which should cover July and August’s production commitments to you. By then we should be close to finishing up our Gamers Season One supplementary Kickstarter, with production on that beginning in the fall, funded by your pledges here and with additional help from Kickstarter backers.

Thanks for sticking with us as we’ve figured out how to manage ongoing monthly production. It’s been a process this past year of finding multiple producers and writers, which allows different teams to be working on different production stages at the same time. For sketches we’ve found that it takes about two months to take a project from writing to delivery. Gamers episodes have been closer to a three month cycle, due to the increased number of characters, costumes, locations, props, and writing time, not to mention having original music composed.

Our plan for Gamers this fall is to complete the 45-minute pilot, then continue the show with shorter Patreon-funded monthly episodes with a big push to bring this campaign to our $10,000/month goal.

Your support has made possible an incredible amount of production this past year, plus of course the ability for us to make and keep monthly budgets. It’s not an exaggeration that your support here is what keeps us going. Without you we never could have launched the JQ3 Kickstarter. And take a look at all of the sketches and episodes that you’ve funded already!

Nimble –

Newmoon –

Ninja Tech Support –

Pantheist Cleric –

Conversations with My Internet Troll –

SNV Visit the Free Clinic –

DieDie.Club –

Plus month Hat Trick Pony performances and first access to Gamers Live performances (the ECCC edit is in progress for you).

Okay, enough writing. It’s back to work for us—we have a rough cut of JQ3 to review this week, plus continuing editing on Gamers and Strowlers and finishing the script for the Gamers pilot. Thank you!

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