Progress Update

Hey, everyone!

As many of you know, we’re deep in Kickstarter madness for JourneyQuest Season Three. That campaign ends on Friday. Thanks for your patience while we do ALL OF THE THINGS.

Regarding Gamers the Series, the score for “Nimble’s Story” is about half done, with expected delivery this week. It will release to all of you the moment that the episode is complete. “The Incident” is on deck for release if necessary while we fine-tune the script for “Magellan’s Story”, which is due to shoot next. The script for “Rogar’s Story” is ready to go and we just confirmed an actor for the key new cast member who will be playing the part of Megan! We’ll be introducing her soon.

Hat Trick Pony had their February show two days ago and that video is in post right now. We’ll have it out to all of you as soon as it’s done.

Once the JQ3 Kickstarter is over, we’re planning a videoconference with all of you to discuss what comes next for ZOE. If the Season Three¬†campaign fails, it will mean that a supplementary Kickstarter for Season One of¬†Gamers the Series will happen a lot sooner than originally planned, like in a month or two. It will also push up release dates for Attacking the Darkness and potentially Strowlers. If Season Three succeeds, we’ll be shooting in April, with our other shows on their original timeline and monthly Gamers sketches for you, our Patreon backers. Either way, we’ll have all kinds of awesome new content for you in 2016, thanks to your support and encouragement.

See you on the flip side of the Kickstarter!


Oh, and here’s a secret playlist for you with all of Christian Doyle’s “Many Talents” videos that he and Brian made for the Kickstarter campaign. Would you be interested in more super short form content like this in the future?

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