Preproduction News

Hi! Ben Dobyns posting from New Orleans where I am working on script development and preproduction for a Strowlers episode set in The Big Easy. The above photo is just one of the magical locations I visited this week! I’ve been all over the city listening to people’s stories, visiting museums, and getting the pulse of a city steeped in jazz and history. This is my one “vacation” of the year and I was excited to fit it in before the JQ4 Kickstarter eats my life.

Speaking of Strowlers, we are excited to share the Bånd Rún card art by artist Jabari Weathers.  Emma in our Copenhagen story uses string (bånd) magic to create connections and draw people together.  In the center is the climatic location of the film, an epicenter of magic with connections to the Changing Lands. This card is one of the backer-exclusive items that you can order a la carte from the Strowlers Copenhagen Backerkit store. We’ll soon be sending tier specific discount codes for all backers at the $5/month level and higher.

In addition to Strowlers New Orleans, I am working through a backlog of script notes and writing before the JourneyQuest 4 kickstarter starts next week. Thanks to your support as Patreon backers, our writers have been able to spend the time and creative energy on developing a host of new projects. I’ve made great progress this week on notes and revisions on the scripts for Strowlers Seattle, Knights of the Dinner Table, and Strowlers Nigeria! 

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