Nodwick #12 (Now at two monthly strips!)

Thanks to our new backers from Modcon, we’ve reached our $6000/mo goal and have unlocked TWO monthly Nodwick strips from Aaron Williams!

Want to read everything in order? Jump over to the ZOE website and click the “log in with Patreon” button to access all of your premium content.

As a reminder, we’re filming two new Gamers Live shows at Gen Con Indy this year and, if all goes according to plan, we’ll be able to get them to you for your viewing pleasure the same weekend. Thanks to your support we’re able to hire a great team to shoot this year’s comedy spectaculars.

Also, for Kickstarter/Patreon backers, don’t forget that we’re handling this year’s Patron discount through, so you can get your 50%-off merch immediately, rather than waiting until we’re ready to fulfill a Kickstarter campaign. We’re giving you as many extra cool things as we can, but when in doubt check reward descriptions.

Speaking of which, what what you like to see featured on the 2017 Patreon Backer embroidered patches? It’s about time to get those designed! 

And would anyone be into ZOE Patreon Backer T-shirts if we made them available to you at cost? Now that we’ve solved our T-shirt manufacturing process it’s way easier to make cool things happen.

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