Notes Requested! – Strowlers Ireland

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If you don’t mind spoilers, we’d love to read your notes on what does and does not work for you in the latest edit of Strowlers: Ireland. The password is “strowlerverse”.

We’re at the stage of post-production where we’re close to having a final edit. Once the edit is “locked” we’ll mix sound, compose music, add visual effects, and all the pieces that bring a movie to life.

What we’re looking for at this stage are notes like:

  • The cut from this shot to this shot feels awkward.
  • I was confused here and this was (good/bad).
  • Have you considered cutting it another way, like this?
  • This moment felt out of place or not genuine.

We’re not worried about if it’s too loud or too quiet, how much wind there is (a LOT), that the color doesn’t appear to match (it will), or stuff like that.

And of course, if you prefer to wait until a project is completed, definitely don’t view this!

Otherwise, we look forward to your input. And of course, please don’t share this link with anyone. Thanks!


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