Metaverse Tonight! 6pm PST

It’s Monday and that means it’s Metaverse Day! Tonight at 6pm PT join us for the latest episode of Masters Of The Metaverse, our original live streamed RPG, exclusively on

We had to postpone the show last week due to multiple cast members being unable to make it to the studio on time, or at all. Everyone is safe, never fear, and we are back in the swing of things this week! And with MORE MATT VANCIL! Yes, Matt Vancil will be sitting in for a few episodes while Maggie is away! 

This week it sounds like we are heading to a new metaverse which means…new avatars and secerets! Make sure you tune in at 6pm PT to find out more!

We have some amazing artwork inspired by Masters Of The Metaverse from Hellcat and Voidsmoker! | 

And some original fan fiction from Paxamo! 

If you feel inspired by Masters Of The Metaverse or any ZOE project send us your creations! We would love to share them!

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