Massive Update + Gamers Soundtrack Download

Hi, Everyone!

First, let’s see if Patreon destroys all of our careful formatting… 

We know, we know… it’s been a bit quiet around here for a bit. But have no fear! We aim to remedy that, beginning with this MAMMOTH OVERVIEW UPDATE giving you… y’know, a mammoth overview on all the projects (and there are many!) in the works.

As you all know, last fall was all about the Gamers shoot. Now that it’s in the can and out to our post team, along with JourneyQuest and Strowlers… well, we’ve been a little bottlenecked in post-production.  BUT. The great news is that you’ve supported a TON of content that has been shot, is nearing completion, and will start rolling out to you over the next few months. And we’re as excited as you are to get back to cool monthly things…  and some brand new WEEKLY things, which will begin in February! Yes!

BACKER BONUS: And because we love you—and by popular request—we’re attaching a download of the original Gamers soundtrack to this update. This is the first time we’ve ever made it available!

In the coming weeks, we’ll talk more in-depth about each of these projects individually, but here’s the shakedown for the next 6 months or so.

Each “backer bonus” is something for all of you, our Patreon supporters!

  • January 25—Kickstarter launch: STROWLERS MONGOLIA
    We’re launching a tiny $10k KS campaign to send Ben Dobyns, Samara Lerman, and Dave Richards to Mongolia to shoot a Strowlers short with the shamans of Ulaanbaator. (More on this next week.) The KS will also include the Strowlers short that we shot in Ireland last summer. This project gives you, our core fans a chance to learn the new Strowlers world and get a head start creating your own stories and mythos within it.
    Backer Bonus: Early access AND digital downloads of both Strowlers shorts when they are complete.
  • February 7—ATTACKING THE DARKNESS releases publicly!
    ATD will be available on iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, etc., and we’ll be launching a new marketing campaign to get the word out.
    Backer Bonus: $10 and up backers will receive a PDF of the “Attack the Darkness” adventure module (which is totally NOT an RPG).
  • February 11—New weekly show !—MASTERS OF THE METAVERSE
    A new interactive, comedy RPG, created by Christian Doyle & Chris Ode, and live streamed weekly on the Hyper RPG Twitch channel (re-aired on YouTube). Each 8-week story arc will focus on a different ZOE or DG universe: JourneyQuest, Gamers, Strowlers, Demon Hunters, etc.
    Backer Bonus: Patreon Backers get weekly credits (buffs) that allow them to affect the game and the live show with special powers and bonuses.
  • Early February—New ZOE WEBSITE Launches
    We can’t wait to share the new website! It’s built to be up-to-date, easy-to-use, and chock-full of cool functionality like forums and wikis.
    Backer Bonus: access to all Patron-only content
  • Mid February—New Dead Gentlemen store launches!
    It will have digital downloads, physical merch, and quick fulfillment. DG has built something beautiful!
  • Late February—DG shoots a new DEMON HUNTERS sketch
    Silent Jim and Gabriel go door-to-door spreading the good word.
    Backer Bonus: Early access!
  • Mid-March— Kickstarter Launch: HOPJOCKEY NOVEL
    Matt Vancil is running a small Kickstarter to fund his second novel. See how all the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together!
  • Early April—JOURNEYQUEST 3 released
    Backer Bonus: Patreon Backers and KS backers should have already received the link to watch it before public release. If you missed it, be sure to check recent updates for the link!
  • Mid-April—Newest  DEMON HUNTERS project revealed
    More details may leak before then, but we’re targeting April for a full unveiling.
  • Summer
    Backer Bonus: Early access, as always!

    And at the same time…

    Kickstarter launch: THE GAMERS SERIES
    This will be our big campaign for the year, funding a second 45-minute episode of The Gamers: Web Series.

  • And of course, throughout the year…
    Monthly Nodwick strip will continue

Phew! So that’s everything, for now!  As always, we’re so thankful for the support of our steadfast Patreon Backers, and we think you’ll love all the content coming your way this year.

If you have questions about anything, please feel free to add them in the comments.

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