LAST CHANCE – 2018 Patron Rewards and Sale

Hi Everyone –

As we close out 2018 we’re also wrapping up our reward fulfillment for all of you, including free digital downloads, 2018 Chibichan limited edition pins, Countermay comics, and more, depending on your pledge level, plus our 50% sale on ALL merch for $10 backers and above.

We want to lock surveys ASAP so we can get rewards shipping, but so far only 364 backers have claimed their rewards. If you want to reserve your stuff, please jump over to the survey in BackerKit and take care of this today. Thanks!

If you can’t find your survey email from BackerKit, you can use this link (and the email you used for BackerKit) to access your rewards manually: 


(P.S. We’re adding new livestream capability to The Fantasy Network this week, so make sure you use your login-with-Patreon option to get access to the platform that we’re using to fulfill all of your early access rewards. Plus, our livestreamed workshops for higher-level backers will now be fulfilled via this system, so if you’re into learning how we design Kickstarter campaigns, take scripts through development, and more, you’ll definitely want to make sure your access is working! And of course, with the JQ 3.5 shoot coming up, made possible thanks to Patreon funding the script, you won’t want to miss our streams from set!)

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