JQ3 Pre-production Update

Hey, everyone! 

Who’s ready for a crazy month? We’re deep into final planning for the JQ3 shoot, we have 1.5 Gamers episodes in post and another 1.5 episodes to shoot, Hat Trick Pony edits are in process, Emerald City Comicon is coming up, and we need to schedule our next set of YouTube releases for The Gamers Live 2015.

Up at the top of this update is a video of highlights from last Friday’s production meeting. There are minor spoken spoilers and a few big written spoilers if you happen to read what we have posted on the wall, but if you want insight into the planning process the video is a must-watch.

Thanks for your patience as we do all of the things this month. We’ll keep you updated here, on the Kickstarter, and (for $10+ patrons) on regular interactive livestreams from the JQ3 set.

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