Gamers Kickstarter + July Update

Hey, everyone! Thanks entirely to your support, we have launched a Kickstarter to supplement your monthly contributions, which have been funding The Gamers: The Series. This will help fund a 45-minute episode of the show!

There is no need to pledge to that campaign if you are supporting us here. All Patreon supporters will receive access to our BackerKit store and supporters at $10 and up will receive significant discounts on our back catalog. If you do choose to pledge to the Kickstarter, please use the same email address that you use on Patreon so that we can merge your data in BackerKit.

Rogar’s episode is almost done. The picture is locked and it’s off to sound and music. It will release to all of you, then to the public, while this campaign is running.

We’ve decided to make “The Incident” a Patreon and Kickstarter exclusive episode. It will release to you first, then to Kickstarter backers via digital download and on DVD/Blu-ray.

MEANWHILE, we’re off to Ireland! Ben saved up a ton of airline miles and he and a tiny crew are flying tomorrow to an undisclosed location to shoot a two-part Strowlers short, which will be released to all of you first. Because castles. And because only one thing in a month just isn’t enough.

NEXT MONTH, we’ll be at Gen Con, where we’ll record TWO Gamers Live shows for you. Just as we did last year, those will be released first to you as DRM-free digital downloads, then to the public.

JourneyQuest 3 continues in post, Attacking the Darkness DVDs are in progress, and the Strowlers pilot continues in post. Whew! Is it nap time yet?

Thanks for your support! We couldn’t do ANY of this without your help.


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