Gamers BackerKit for Patrons Now Open

Hi, everyone!

Last year we let you know that if you didn’t pledge to the new Gamers Kickstarter, you’d still be able to order the campaign-exclusive rewards. We’re very happy to make that available to you today! 

Every BackerKit item is a la carte for our Patreon supporters, which means (for example) that you can get the DVD/Blu-ray combo at $25 instead of $55.

The Gamers: The Shadow Menace BackerKit 

Due to issues that we encountered during the JQ3 fulfillment, we had to move your 50% discount on ZOE’s back catalog over to Dead.Market. $10 and higher patrons, your details and coupon code are available here. The 50% discount is active through September.


If you want to combine your orders and BackerKit rewards into one shipment, please send us an email at and we will MANUALLY add what you want to your BackerKit account with the proper discounts.

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