Fartherall World Bible — Stretch Goals

Hi everyone!

As we prepare to launch the JourneyQuest 3.5 campaign, we’re building stretch goals around expanding the Fartherall World Bible. So we’re curious: of the following options, which are you most eager to see?

Remember, these are world bible stretch goals, which would supplement the long list of content that we know will be included. Now we want to put them into the best order!

 Sections of Fartherall Bible Unlockable as Stretch Goals

Navigating the Hopjockey Universe [single stretch goal]

  • From Black Circles to Burnthroughs: Crossworld Travel
  • Gods: What They Are, and How They Function
  • The Afterlife: On the Nature of Higher Levels of Existence
  • On Dreams and Alternate Realities
  • On the Divine Universal Form: Bipedal Humanoid
  • The Draagan: Originator of Dragonkind
  • Oblivion: True Death

Dragons! [single stretch goal]

  • The Hive-Like Nature of Dragonkind
  • The Cult-Like Nature of the Wyrmbrood
  • Dragon’s Blood / True Dragons
  • Dragon Physiology and Gender Fluidity
  • In the Den of the Monarch: Wyrmbrood Hierarchy
  • Wyrm Heretics / Godslayer Broods
  • Abdicant Monarchs

The History of Fartherall (EXPANDED) [individual stretch goals]

  • Detailed History of the First and Second Ages (Dreams and Wonder)
  • Detailed History of the Third Age (Legends)
  • History of the Fifth Age (Mortals)
  • History of the Sixth Age (Reason)
  • History of the Seventh Age (Steam)
  • History of the Eighth Age (Oil)
  • History of the Ninth Age (Dust)

The Peoples of Fartherall (EXPANDED) [individual stretch goals]

  • Additional Mortal Races and Their Organizations
    • Ogrekind: Ogresses, Ogre Bulls, and Orog
    • The Wee Folk: Gnomes and Halflings (and Goblins!)
    • Wyrms (aka Lizardmen): People of the Dragon
    • The Hybrids: Darrows, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Half-Ogres, Hobs, Sprigs, Orok, and Halfanforths
    • Dark Elves: Descendants of the Ald’s Archenemies
    • Dryads: The Alien Treefolk
    • Giants: Devolved, Not Dead
    • (ELDER RACE) The Ord: Refugee Tinkerers from a Dead World
    • Naiads: Merfolk and Water Spirits
    • (ELDER RACE) The Ald: Survivors of an Ancient War
    • Denizaal: Invaders from Beyond the Stars
    • (ELDER RACE) The Olom: Children of the Gods
    • Kindragon: Stealers of the Dragons’ Secrets
  • Secrets of Each Race, Default and Unlocked
  • Racial Stats (Pathfinder)
  • Racial Stats (D&D 5E)
  • Racial Stats (others?)

Gazetteer (EXPANDED) [individual stretch goals]

  • Here Be Dragons: The Map Beyond the Margins (to the east and west of where the current map of Fartherall ends)
  • Maps of the Third Age
  • Maps of the Fifth Age
  • Maps of the Sixth Age
  • Maps of the Seventh Age
  • Maps of the Eighth Age
  • Maps of the Ninth Age
  • The Austral Continent: Maps from the Other Side of the World

The Epics: Major Historical Events by Age (Adventure Hooks) [individual stretch goals]

  • Hither Came Karn
  • Nathadric’s Pranks: The Kitten and the Dragon
  • Nathadric’s Pranks: The Drunken God
  • Little Goddess Lost
  • The Labyrinth of Lost Souls
  • BACKER DEV epics (however many are created)
  • others?

Other Worlds (EXPANDED) [individual stretch goals]

  • Countermay: The World of Nine Empires
  • Alternate Earth: Demon Hunters (pending DG sign off)
  • Alternate Earth: American Thrones (Cascadia)
  • The Drowned World
  • The Ord Homeworld
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