Special Funtime Livestream on May 26!

Hello ZOE Fans!  We hope you’ve been enjoying the past two Saturdays of livestreaming!  We’ve been having a great time interacting and gaming with all of you!  And this Saturday we have something a little different planned starting at 6pm PST!  

To celebrate her birthday, ZOE’s own Vanessa Postil is GMing a magical encounter in a world of her own design!  A group of friends head out for an ordinary day and end up on a quest to save the entire world!  

Featuring Halloween, cats, magic, music, and more…join a group of amazing people featuring Maggie Doyle, Lauren O’Neill, and others on this special ZOE Birthday One Shot RPG!   

Streaming LIVE to twitch.tv/zombieorpheus or YouTube.com/zombieorpheus 

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