2018 Patreon Rewards & Sale Surveys Incoming

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your patience during the Great Sick of 2018. I was out for three weeks, but am now back and catching up quickly.

We’ll shortly be sending out BackerKit surveys for our annual 50% off Patreon sale and they have some awesome items for you. Backers at $10 and higher not only receive 50% off their orders (even for our newest items) but have some exciting free items to add in their surveys.

We also have limited numbers of 2018 enameled ZOE pins, Nodwick/Demon Hunters comic books, and issue one of the new Countermay comic, so be sure to fill out your survey quickly if you want to grab one of those. They’ll come from BackerKit and appear in your inboxes over the next 24 hours.

Ben Dobyns

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