A Strowlers Update

Thanks to everyone who’s joined us recently for the Strowlers Kickstarter!

This is more than a show to watch passively: it’s a worldwide collaboration and we’re so excited to invite you to participate that we’ve written up a guide to everything Strowlers.

Tell your story: change the world!


  • Amazon Prime (US/UK) – If you already have Prime, the first three episodes are available right now at no additional cost.
  • The Fantasy Network (worldwide) – This is our own platform. If you send an email to support@zombieorpheus.com we’ll give you a free two-week subscription so you can check out the show!
  • Seed&Spark – Pay what you want for a subscription to the entire Seed&Spark streaming catalog and enjoy access to the first three Strowlers episodes!
  • Vimeo on Demand – Buy or rent the episodes. Always DRM-free and the highest quality available for the show.
  • Free to Share – If you already have a download of the show, the SCULA (more information below) gives you all kinds of extra permissions. We encourage piracy and sharing of all of our films as long as you give proper credit and backlink to strowlers.com.


You want to do more than just watch? Strowlers is a shared cinematic universe where everyone can participate in telling the story.

First step? Check out the Strowlers World Bible, available for free (or choose-your-own-price) on DriveThruRPG.

Next, take a look at the Strowlers Shared Cinematic Universe License Agreement (SCULA). We put years of development into creating a copyright alternative that would let all of us participate equally in telling these stories!

The SCULA says…

  • You have permission to make and distribute your own variations, adaptations or spin-offs. You own them!
  • Everything created under this license is Share-alike. We all get to reference each other’s work in our own creations.
  • We all give each other credit (Attribution). By linking back to creators whose work we’ve referenced we help support their work!
  • We ask you to create something new. Transformation!
  • Also, Integrity (don’t steal work that isn’t licensed under the SCULA) and Keep it Clean (no hate speech).

Fans are already creating short fiction and art, plus are developing new Strowlers shows in Florida, Newfoundland, and elsewhere around the world!


Individually, we’re voices lost in a sea of voices. Together, we make waves!

If you’ve pledged to the campaign, we’d love to invite you to start building our new community hub with us. Send us a message for ultra-early access!

Prefer Discord? We have a large, active community of ZOE fans on our Discord server with several channels dedicated to Strowlers. It’s a great way to meet people, chat with our story team, and bounce ideas around.

Many Strowlers fans also participate in our Facebook Page discussions, should you want to follow us there.

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