Watch JourneyQuest 3

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Ready to enjoy JourneyQuest Season Three, plus a selection of old and new films from Zombie Orpheus and Dead Gentlemen? Now you can choose how you watch and participate: from free episodes on YouTube to premium monthly support that comes with tons of cool benefits.

Prefer DVD or Bluray? They’re coming soon to Paizo and Dead.Market!



Just The Film


  • One-time Purchase
  • DRM-free
  • Stream or Download
  • Uncut Feature Version


Exclusive Benefits & Community


  • Watch JQ3 Instantly
  • First Access to New Films & Series
  • Stream Our Entire Premium Video Library
  • Help Fund New Content
  • Annual Merch Discount
  • Weekly Livestream Buffs & Trolls
  • Wiki Contributor Access
  • Forums Access
  • Monthly Nodwick Comic
  • Additional Features for Higher Pledges


Where It All Began


  • Free to View
  • Never Any Ads
  • New Webisodes Weekly During Release
  • Made Possible by Viewers Like You

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