Sir Osric Pewter Miniature


A small pewter figurine of Sir Osric the Chaste

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Step into the world of The Gamers: Darkness Rising and relive the epic adventures with our exquisite “Sir Osric” Pewter Miniature. Crafted with intricate detail and precision, this miniature is your opportunity to own a piece of the fantasy realm, capturing the essence of this iconic character.

Product Details:

  • Ccrafted from high-quality pewter, and cast in 2 parts. Ready for assembly and painting!
  • Depicting the valiant and memorable character, Sir Osric, as seen in The Gamers: Darkness Rising.
  • A collector’s item that pays homage to the beloved fantasy film and its unforgettable characters.
  • Perfect for tabletop gaming, display, or as a cherished keepsake for fans of The Gamers series.
  • A must-have addition to your collection, embodying the spirit of adventure and heroism.

As you hold this miniature in your hands, you’re not just acquiring a figurine; you’re bringing Sir Osric to life, ready to stand tall in your gaming adventures or as a symbol of inspiration on your shelf. (It comes in 2 parts, so some assembly required!)

Join the ranks of fans who celebrate the legacy of The Gamers. Order your “Sir Osric” Pewter Miniature today and let the spirit of heroism and fantasy come to life in your world!

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in