Fartherall World Bible (Hardcover+PDF)


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The ultimate campaign setting for your tabletop roleplaying game, story, or movie within the world of JourneyQuest and The Gamers!


This deluxe guide to the Nine Ages of Fartherall is a collectible that will take a place of pride on any shelf:

  • 460 pages, including over 100 in full color, on 100# silk paper
  • The complete history of the world of The Gamers and JourneyQuest
  • 8.5×8.5 inch format (fits perfectly next to the Strowlers World Bible!)
  • Foil-embossed leatherette cover

Written by Matt Vancil, the creator of The Gamers and JourneyQuest, this book represents over twenty years of worldbuilding from a master of fantasy.

A fantasy world created by Matt Vancil, Fartherall is the setting of dozens of stories told over the last twenty years: from The Gamers to JourneyQuest and from The Gamers: Nodwick’s Tale (by Aaron Williams) and The Shadow’s Dungeon (by Sean Reynolds) to Nethadrick’s Pranks (by Kevin Mickelson).

Plus, the book features hundreds of new characters, from heroes to villains to demigods, created by the Fartherall fan community!

While many of these stories and characters originated in comedy, Fartherall the world isn’t a farce. Matt Vancil has meticulously built a fantasy world around consistent physics, themes, and rules, a world where unlimited new stories are possible, from the early ages of gods and mythic heroes to the grimy protagonists of the Age of Steam, from intimate fairy tales to dimension-hopping epics.

Although only gnomes are allowed to break the laws of physics when they fall. It’s in the rules. Sorry.

What is Fartherall?

This is not the only world there is.

Even in the world’s earliest ages, its inhabitants, both mortal and divine, were aware of the existence of other worlds. From the emergence of the gods from the primordial chaos to the arrival of the two migrant elder races, Fartherall’s history has involved visitors from elsewhere.

In the middle ages of Fartherall, waves of peoples arrived en masse or awakened in the abandoned places of the world. Its pantheon expanded and contracted as deific entities arrived, departed, transformed, or were slain. And in the margins of the world, in the wildest corners and sealed away in tomb-like ruins, lay Creation’s most dangerous pitfalls—black circles—those indestructible holes in the universe that lead to destinations unknown even to the gods.

Who is This Book Made For?

Everyone has a place in Fartherall

Fantasy Fans — If you love worldbuilding, this book is for you. This epic history is a compelling story all on its own, with a shocking reveal in the Eighth Age that ties together tens of thousands of years of in-depth fantasy storytelling.

Tabletop Gamers — This book is intentionally rules-agnostic, but contains enough detail to adapt cleanly to your game of choice. From the schools of magic to dozens of fantasy races, you and your party can find infinite ideas and adventure hooks within these pages.

Writers, Artists, and Filmmakers — The SCULA (see below) gives you broad permission to create and sell your own stories, films, and art from within the world of Fartherall. Use this book to help your own creations qualify for Canon status within Fartheral as an official part of the story.

JourneyQuest and Gamers Fans — This book is the definitive guide to the entire history of the world. While some details are kept secret (we don’t want to spoil the end of either series) there’s enough information and backstory here to provide endless context for the events of existing films, novels, and games, from the disappearance of the elves to exactly what happened in Pwned at the end of the 6th Age.

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