Newsletter for April 2024

CEO Rennie Answered several questions on ZOE and its future endeavors, and here are the highlights (full video below):

JourneyQuest Season 4

It’s the burning question on everyone’s minds, and happily Rennie has the rough cut in hand! It goes to the FX people – both sound and special – next, then soundtrack and polishing before being mastered for DVD/BluRay. The timeline is currently on track to premiere JQ4 to the world at Gen Con. We plan to have at least the streaming version in backer’s hands before then.

DVD/BluRay shipping will wait until all reward items are at the warehouse, however, to minimize shipping costs. Patches, red cards, basically all physical rewards are being ordered/finalized now. When the physical items arrive at the warehouse, we’re trying for the shortest amount of turnaround time. We want to ship out rewards and DVDs together. Don’t have an exact timeline on that, so for the moment there is NO Backerkit survey for JQ4.

Gen Con

Zombie Orpheus will be at Gen Con, in the usual Booth 100. There will be two Gamers Live performances, plus a non-Gamers Live show on Thursday that may be Scooby Doo related. Come and see your favorite performers have fun on stage while you heckle help them from the crowd.

Zombie Orpheus will also be running games of Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of the con. If you would like a free 4-day badge to Gen Con, consider volunteering your services as a DM! If you’ve never run – or even played – DH:ACOT before, no problem. Reach out on our Discord and we can set you up with pre-generated characters and adventures, and run you through online games before the con rolls around.


With the end finally in sight for JourneyQuest Season 4, we finally have the breathing room to consider future kickstarters. Once JQ4 has started fulfillment, the next story on the docket for a Kickstarter is The Gamers: The Series Season 2, Attack of the Pwns. Which probably won’t happen before the summer, probably, given how long SFX takes. Depending on how long it takes packages to start shipping for JQ4, we could potentially get the KS underway before Gen Con. However with the state of shipping it’s hard to make concrete timelines.