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Hello friends, Romans, countrymen! Lend me your ears!

It’s been a while since the last post on this site, so here’s a quick update on Gencon, JourneyQuest, and a few other Z.O.E. related projects.

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment will be at Gencon 2022 in booth 100 by day, in addition to hosting a number of livestreams and special events. The best four days in gaming just got better, am I right? Plus a whole bunch of Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors oneshot adventures hosted by a willing army of volunteer DMs. Two shows will be on Thursday, a cast panel of the Gamers and another show will be on Friday, one show on Saturday, and a card game tournament on Sunday.

Thursday afternoon will feature a two-hour run of The Crawl, a livestream event that made its debut last year (VOD available here on The Fantasy Network). The bravest and most foolish fameseekers enter the steel-reinforced arena to try and fight their way to victory through hoards of convicts, drones, and hazards. Of course, running such an event isn’t cheap and corporations sponsor each champion with the hopes that they will win and acquire that sweet, sweet advertisement slot.

Thursday night is Gamers Live! Evil Gary makes a return as the live-action comedy improv show continues for another year. This event will stream live on the GenConTV channel for those who can’t make it. For those who can make it, Gamers Live is a fun, interactive experience where the audience is consulted often for both fun and profit. Last year featured a chainsaw-juggling poultrygeist as a player character, and a bardic specialization in cheese gave Nathan Rice the opportunity to weaponize every cheese pun he knew. Catching it live is a good time.

Friday afternoon is The Gamers: 20th Anniversary Retro & Cast Conversation. It’s been 20 years since The Gamers arrived on the scene, can you believe it? Well, nobody else can either but they’re going to answer questions about it anyway. The relentless progress of time will be filmed, though it may not be livestreamed depending on wifi conditions at the con itself. If it is streamed, it will be streamed to the Zombie Orpheus twitch channel. It will be available later in VOD format either way.

Friday evening sees the 10th anniversary spectacular of Gamers Live! Ten years of Gamers Live at Gencon and other events will be celebrated in this session. Definitely not an event to miss; both premium and refular tickets still available as of time of posting.

Saturday evening is TripleCon: A Livestreamed Heist. A team of cons run a con while at a con. What could go wrong? Watch it live in person or on the GenConTV channel to find out!

Finally on Sunday Zombie Orpheus is pleased to present Ultimate Dungeon Showdown: the Tournament! Z.O.E.’s acclaimed new card game that debuted last year at Gencon and that fans helped kickstart will be making an appearance once again. People of all ages are welcome to try their hand at the card game, with prizes going to the top three contenders! In this brackets-style tournament, two rounds of qualifying in the morning will set the stage for the higher tiers int he afternoon. Decks will be provided at the tables – you do not need to have a deck to play in the tournament.

With all that being said – JourneyQuest! JourneyQuest season 4 was originally scheduled in April of 2020. With the entire world shutting down in response to a global pandemic, that rather didn’t happen but it did set the tone for JQ filming attempts for the next few years. JQ season 4 is being filmed this fall, with the help of the amazing cast and crew to deal with all the changes two years of setbacks have wrought.

In Z.O.E.-adjacent content, Matt Vancil successfully kickstarted a show called Liberty Cabbage! A series of short comedy skits Matt has written over the years, Liberty Cabbage promises to be a rollicking good time with a grand total of four episodes. With six days of filming already complete as of time of posting, and seven more to go, Liberty Cabbage is going into post-production before the end of the year.

For Z.O.E. content available right now, tune in to the Z.O.E. Twitch channel! Tons of familiar faces make appearances in both the recently-completed series The Reliables and in its predecessor, Masters of the Metaverse. Both series are available as ad-free VODs on The Fantasy Network. Two new shows have gone into pre-production: Golden Guns and The Shattered Compass!

Golden Guns is a six-episode series filmed and produced in studio that will be released an episode at a time. Four motorcycle-riding desperados try and make a living in the post-apocalyptic world of Savage Rifts®! Pinnacle Entertainment Group, working in conjunction with Zombie Orpheus, brings the rough and ready setting to life. The main characters try to get by in a world that seems bound and determined to chew them up and spit them out.

The Shattered Compass is a fantasy series set in a new, unique world of fantasy. The rule system will be Pathfinder for Savage Worlds. In a world where eight elements define magic, and eight elemental planes exist beyond the mortal realm, a team of adventurers must restore balance or risk losing everything they hold dear. Familiar faces mix with new in this high fantasy adventure set to start running after Gencon.

Also, be on the lookout for special announcements of new projects!

In summary: Come see Zombie Orpheus at Gencon! Get ready for a whole bunch of new content on the horizon! Stay safe, be good to each other, and gain 50 experience.


  1. Howdy there mighty stealer(s) of pants and pub siege weapons!
    My wife and I have long been fans of The Gamers series, but with the last 3 years being a bit of a blur, we wanted to check in again with projects. We cannot attend any of the cons cited above but wish ya’ll a Happy 20th Anniversary! Tis our 20th anniversary as well, we met in the Tolkien section of a Barnes and Noble I worked at. Both lifelong Tolkien fans we went on to host numerous Tolkien related Conferences in and out of the NYC area. A friend at the time introduced us to Gamers, also a big Tolkien fan. So Thank you very much for all the years of Gamers hilarity. We are big gamers as well, and really dig RPGs and board games.
    We have a bit to catch up on, and re-watch as your work really helps the anxiety and long haul Covid.
    Stay Sharp and watch out for that thief!
    Anthony S Burdge

    1. Lenny Rock

      Hey there! Once JourneyQuest 4 is filmed, the next thing on the docket is more Gamers as far as I’m aware. I’m sorry you can’t make it to any of the live shows above, but I know that both the Gamers Live! performances will be streaming to the GenConTV Twitch channel if you want to tune in, and the others will also be streamed but I’m not sure if it will be to GenConTV or one of GenCon’s other Twitch channels (I believe there are four in total). Then, after everything makes it back to Seattle, the livestream VODs from the events will be available ad-free on The Fantasy Network.

      For information such as the exact twitch channels the other shows will be on, please feel free to join the discord. I can’t guarantee I’ll have enough connection to update this site while I’m at the convention.

      Or, if you prefer your news more live, check out ZOE Game Nights on Thursdays at 6 Pacific. They’ll have the most up-to-date news and will do their best to answer any questions you might have live onstream.

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