ZOE Live-streams this week!!

This week in ZOE Live streaming news, we have some fantastic new episodes AND a very special guest!

On Saturday at 1pm PT, Death From Above: Legacy is back! It’s the Inner Sphere crew this time…how will Leo’s actions last time come back to impact them now? With special guest: LARRY DIXON!

Then on Monday, at 6pm PT, we have another episode of Project: Metaverse! Last week we discovered that being murdered doesn’t always mean you’re dead, and Andi and Brony finally found their way into the Metaverse! Can the friends finally reunite this week? And will the mystery of Freddy Fast Fingers be solved in time? With special guest…LARRY DIXON!

We are so excited for all the content this week! Check it out over at: http://twitch.tv/zombieorpheus

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