Zoe Live starts in 15 min!

This Saturday at 1pm PT check out the latest episode of our Battletech Inspired RPG, Death From Above: Legacy! This week, we are going back to the Jade Falcons. Tempers were short and the head shots were many last time…will it be so again? Then on Monday at 6pm 

PT, get ready for more of the Metapocalypse on Masters Of The Metaverse! New cast this week means a new world and new avatars! This is our original RPG, created by Christian Doyle and Chris Ode! And on Thursday at 5:30pm PT come by and spend some time with awesome ZOE folks playing games on ZOE Game Night! This is a casual stream where you never know what the game will be or who will be playing! Come hang out with us! All these awesome things are happening on http://twitch.tv/zombieorpheus

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